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"January means new starts, and new you"... (cough*repeat)

Its January, we made it to another calendar year. Now there's a whole bunch of new year resolutions happening.

If we can relate and be real, I'm tired of new year resolutions. "New year new you" I've heard that one before. Did the old you just over operate and not perform correctly, so you had to toss the old you away? Did you pick up a new you in the department store nicely dressed on the manikin?! LMAO.. sorry, not sorry.. dark humor over here.

The old can't be completely removed, but good parts are reused...

Yes, things rolled over, and I'm not talking about your car. I'm talking about the time clock/year, new beginnings, and seeing a new day: blessing to change, sincerely...

The thing I'm trying get at is, we get this start every 24 hours.. or whenever you want your clock to start, really.. We are using the tools that we have, that we have had, to refreshen the perspective that we have so we can produce new outcomes. Sounds like a new resolution to me.

We fall asleep at night to create rest to strengthen inner self. We awaken to a new day and another opportunity at life. We look at the hard lessons of the past to sharpen our wit, and skills for today.

I'm not here to take you new-start away.

I hope whatever new endeavors you embrace; you absorb new lessons.

It's important to embrace change and welcome new experiences. With new experiences we learn new things about ourselves that we can incorporate into our daily being. Meditation and reflection are important to be aware of present and to mindful of how far you come.

Keep with you the good lessons that taught you change.

Realize that you have had the skills for this new resolution within yourself the other 364 days.

I encourage hope, love and hardy perseverance to you, those around you and even to myself.

January's flowers of the month are Carnations, and Snow drops. Both are able to grow even through the chilly temperatures producing flowers that represent hardy love. The symbolize love, admiration, hope, and rebirth.

Hoping you give yourself self some hardy love this winter to support your reflection. Use your life's lessons to continue to bloom new skills and new outcomes (resolutions.)

One Love-


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