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Only royalty and love for our culture's history, February's Culture Awareness

February, the second month of the calendar year. It's supposably the end of winter months in the northern hemisphere, and most people think maybe about the Superbowl, or Valentine's Day, and/or maybe you know its National Cancer Prevention Month.

For Black American's, POC, and their supporters of all shades we are thinking about our heritage, how we came to be, loving who we are, sharing love to each other, and remembering our royal heritage (our families, and those before us) and, what we've all been through sharing love against hate.

Having been a Florist, February has been about sharing love, always-and forever flowers, and retail blah markup. I think of the symbol of love being our hearts and how we share it with each other. -And then I think of purple hearts made with deep reds, deep blues, and the color white as well. I like colors.

The color for February is purple. Are you thinking about the color purple? -Or maybe the movie, The Color Purple, a classic? -Remembering our families and loved ones with a purple heart for their selflessness, love and courage that has helped make us who we are. Standing up to love one another no matter what color, shape or distance, and the obstacles between us, we share our deep love that runs within. We are royal, our love and support can't be capped.

As we continue to honor love for each other in February, for the rest of the month and into Spring, we must remember those before us, and bring love into our wealth and wellness as we grow. Let's remember where and who we've come from and keep their remembrance alive. See their perseverance as you see the color purple on our clothes, or the flowers that bloom around.

Purple Iris, Purple Violets, and Primrose are the beautiful flowers of the month, Purple Amethyst is natural earth stone.

Love your purple and love your history that made you who you are.

One Love


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