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The Cosmo's Month

October is usually a month for spooks with festive Halloween, full- harvest, and mercury moons, day of the dead, and other hocus pocus we all love to chant. Ohh and pumpkins.. yup! All festivities with bright colors and deep diverse meaning to many.

October's flower are Cosmo's and Marigolds. Marigolds bright fiery yellows and orange-red colors. Marigolds to some traditionally symbolize loss, grief and despair after loosing someone dear. Some see Marigolds as cheerful and a symbol of optimism, that their beauty represent the sun and resurrection for their loved one's moving on.

The Beauty of Cosmo's they are seen for their symmetrical shape. Cosmo's coming from the Greek word Kosmos meaning order, harmony, or world. Cosmo's look like a daisy to me. Thinking about them they are pretty identical, one cosmo to another.

For real- for real, when I think about the Cosmo's I think about the moon and the sky, and the earth and all being one. I can understand Cosmo's symbolizing order and harmony.

Many Blessings this October.

Prayers for you, that you bloom with balance. Enjoy a spook or two, and the fun fall festivities.

One Love




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