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Reflecting Love and Mortality, September

September is a month of transition. Fall- back to school, and work schedules. Trying to dodge the bus, and the crazy traffic life directs. We rap up the end of the summer with Labor Day weekend, the observance of the hard working Americans who work in the labor industries. The Monday is a Federal holiday and we observe the weekend to labor workers, and their contribution to support economic well-being. We need each other for survival.

If you didn't know, September is also Suicide Prevention month.

It's questionable to think, what's our mortality rate now? Covid-19 played a huge part in affecting our physical and mental wellness. According to the CDC, in 2019, Suicide was ranked 10th in cause of deaths.

Cinna RōsTor shares the beauty of roses, flowers, and their glorious neighbors, that resemble our beautiful lives given by God. We hope to help strengthen our bloom to live a long prosperous life.

Flower of the Month: Morning Glory (bottom) and Asters (top)

Morning Glory's are a symbol of affection. In Victorian times they were left beside graves for unfilled, or unreturned love. Morning Glory's have been used for calming in therapeutic affects.

Asters symbolize love, patience, and elegance. The have a pleasant charm, and symbolize courage(valor.) They are part of the daisy family, and come purply-blue &-pink'ish-white's naturally.

The world has been getting shake'd with Covid, life-loss, natural disasters, and just overwhelming change. We respect the different reflection of those who are for- and pro choice. We respect each of our lives and different belief's. We do not want to inflict our opinion on to you. Our voice is used to share the thoughts and feelings of those who wish to encourage positive thoughts, and advocate their perspective, and practice well-being support.

These flowers are for you, the hard worker striving to better your life, your love ones, and the lives around you.

We encourage sharing our reflection, our purpose of our lives with respect, love, and patience.

Your life matters no matter what job you work. We all play a role in our survival, and we cherish your life. Happy Labor Day, and Save Life September!

One Love- Jen



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