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June is filled with Pride, Support, and Roses

Sharing joy, love and encouragement to be and love your authentic-self June 2021.

It's June 2021, finally, the mask can come down a bit and we can shout with some social distancing precautions in mind. June 2020 wasn't so glam. Events were cancelled, masks were worn high, and the press headlines were rightfully-about human rights, the horrible death of George Floyd, BLM, silent protest, and the rise of Covid-19 cases throughout the world. Now as we try to get back to some kind of normal, this Pride month we share our support virtually, loud and proud supporting human rights with Tik Tok's and IG Reels and showing our true authentic-self online.

I love to share joy, love, and encouragement. Pride month has to be one of my favorite months for just fun healthy events, and kicking off the start to a happy healthy summer! Pride month, Pride festivals, Gay Pride is a worldwide half time show filled with beautiful Queens, and love in diversity in every aspect of art and culture. Festivals are filled with vendors and community advocates supporting life and wellbeing. My favorite aspect has to be the dance performances and lip sync battles. Many cities are turning up this year, some virtually, like in Columbus, OH,& Long Beach, CA and some are postponed until September like Miami Pride 2021.

In a festive celebration of being who you are and loving yourself we are sharing roses, which is something that we love to do. Its actually something we do regularly. The flower of the month is a ROSE. Roses and their color can be symbolic to many, each with different means.

Roses to me represent love, beauty, gratitude, and respect. I love flowers and the kindness they represent, and God's love. Roses go perfect with Pride month. Sharing love to you, support, and kindness for who you are, and your hard work. Happy Pride 2021!

Share your Pride moments in the comments, and share #pride- #love with others

1 love. -Jen

Long Beach Gay Pride 2015 me with Bianca Del Rio, RuPaul's Drag Race Winner Season 6



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