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Jumping too fast!

Do you rush into new exciting new ideas?! You got this new idea and its going to be life changing!!?! Yeah, I'm right there with yuh, me too! You Google-it and find a price for things, and pretty much just start ordering. You didn't write a budget first, you just dived deep and went full throttle?! Yeah, we're alike.

Super pumped about Cinna, but i gotta tell yuh, I dived real deep. Sometimes, a lot of the time, too deep, too fast. It causes my ears to burst, lots of pain - and then a rush to get to the top. Sound similar like jumping too fast in your business, or your relationships? Jumping too fast makes you have to work backwards, back track.

Getting the niche-down, gosh the pitch, its been months and I'm just now getting it... (5-months)

The products! Our Cinnamon RōsTor oil is available. We are working on testing for our La Creme line, we'll have them back one of these days. We have a new conditioner for coming soon. Our Cinna hoodies, and T-shirt are available.

The podcast is in production.. yes and yes.

So please don't pay to much mind to us and the fast jumps. you can listen to our first few episodes Cinna RōsTor Podcast™. I am pumped share new ideas, new podcast loading, working on a steady shot.



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