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Aren't you glad its August?- Gladiolus are!

Hot August is here along with strong-sturdy Gladiolus, that resemble a sword like flower. Some people call gladiolus sword lilies. When the flower opens they kind of look-like a lily opening. Gladiolus are members of the Iris family and are perennials, meaning they return the following summer.

Gladiolus bloom late summer while other summer flowers fade out. They pop-open with quite a large amount of color, and are quite affordable for your kitchen table, or to give as a gift.

They require full sun to grow, and best believe these babies love water. Make sure to keep the soil moist as the grow in the summer, and if you have cute stems, I strongly suggest you change the water every other day or so.. They drink a lot of water so if you don't change the water, you will definitely have to add water to your vase, and the water can get stinky if you don't change the water.

Flower tips.

  • Make sure to cull (remove) the dead flower to promote the other blooms to open.

  • If your blooms are very tight I suggest snipping the top of the buds on the stock.. The buds below with begin to open, and again they love water, so

  • make sure to recut your stems at-least an inch and on a diagonal, and place directly into water as soon as possible.

  • Cutting stems on a diagonal allows the flower a bigger circumference to drink water.

  • You want to avoid air going up the stem.

If you have these beauties in your garden, once these babes have bloomed cut the stems down to about 2-3inches above the ground, and keep the bulb intact in the ground for them to return next summah.

Make sure you stay hydrated in the HOT August.

And continue to share love to others, and maybe give the gift of a flower.

I never had anyone turn down a flower unless they were allergic, or they have cats..

either-or share more love, less hate.

One Love- Jen

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