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Local Pure Raw Honey 16oz

Local Pure Raw Honey 16oz


Pure. Raw. Honey. PURE. Supporting Busy Bee's

Cree’s honey is delicious. Chris the bee keeper produces Queen Bee's! We think what he does is amazing, is efforts to support our eco-system. We do not mark up his honey. We gladly and proudly promote him and offer his 1lb 16oz jar's. Once you fall in love we are sure you'll want either a gallon or a 3lbs jar to follow.


Produced Locally in Columbus Ohio (Cree's Bee's honey)

Warning: Not for children 1 year or younger.

  • Caution

    This is unfiltered, unprocessed RAW HONEY.

    Produced in Columbus Ohio 43214 

    Not for babies or 1yr olds

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