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Cinnamon-Rose-Storing Face Moisturizing Oil 1fl oz

Cinnamon-Rose-Storing Face Moisturizing Oil 1fl oz


This face moisturizing oil is a must if you have oily skin and dirty pores built up. Naturally made to support oily, and combination skin types. Grapeseed oil lifts dirt from your pores, removes tough on make-up and replenishes high amounts of vitamin E to your skin. Rosehip oil helps tone's and brighthens skin, and add vitamin A to fight free redicals, supporting younger looking skin. Most importantly the power of natural Tannis from Hazelnut oil making it balance your faces natural oils. 


With a light cinnamon -vanilla -Cedar Lavender Scent. UNISEX 

We use all  natural non-toxic ingredients. we use no harsh fragrances, pure essentials oils, herbs, spices, and vegetarian plant based cosmetic grade ingredients. 


Use as a simple all day moisturizer, or evening Face oil to replenish vitamins and pull dirt out while you sleep.



Grapeseed oil

Hazelnut oil

Rosehip oil


Vanilla beans



Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol



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  • Face oil Ingredients

    • Grapeseed oil- High in Vitamins E. pulls dirt from pores 
    • Hazelnut oil - conatins tannis balances natural sebum.  nourish skin barriers with fatty acids. 
    • Rosehip oil- high in Retinols helps lighten,brighten and tighten skin, fighting free radicals
    • cinnamon- anti-fungal and oxidative. great for acne/oily skin
    • organic madagascar vanilla beans- Soothe and calm irritated skin with anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacteria properties.
    • lavendar - helps with skin lightening, reduces wrinkles
    • cedarwood -  helps soothe redness, and itchyness 
    • Optiphen perservative -paraben free, formaldehyde-free preservative

    Please do a small skin test. All ingredients are all natural,

    ***None of these statements had been approved by FDA****.

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