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About Us

Cinna RoStor® (Ro-store) LLC is a solo operated urban skincare brand, our goal is to restore youth.

We believe in nurturing mature youth and adults with our unique cinnamon reflection moisturizers.

We share our skincare including, but not limited to, with our experiences, knowledge, and insights, to support and highlight those working to live, travel, and localize themselves, aiding personalized social support.

We are disabled minorities loving on urban development.


Our life missionary work is sharing honest-wisdom, vulnerability, faith, and unconditional love.

We believe in Jesus Christ, and we know we are only here because of him. 1love.   

Restoring Youth to 


Restore Service

Led by faith, and operating with transparency and righteousness, we hope to restore service and trust between each other. We believe and encourage generosity.

We currently are working to restore youth (service) within each other (podcasting.)

Our future hopes and plans are to 

semi-host affordable vacation missions with individuals supporting advocacy groups and aiding local tourism, and agriculture between small businesses in Jamaica and America.



Rehab Relationships

Our work is to recapitulate the value each of us possess, humbly sharing gifts and skills, our backgrounds and beliefs, while nurturing spirits. 

Our culture and ways of life our different, however it is important we openly discuss our differences.  

We believe in social support and aim to help economic sustainability by rehabbing the relationships with the people behind the businesses. We are a reflection resource and guide. We share Godly wisdom, and personal and professional skills, nurturing other reflections.




Our Passion is to help nourish and restore each-others reflection.


Our skincare products are non-GMO, vegetarian, phosphates and silicone free! Absolutely great from dry, aging, maturing skin.


We customize and share fidgets, cross pendants, and floral designs. We design with natural gemstones and other materials. Everything is colorized to support sensitive backgrounds, diverse groups, and nations. 

We reflect unique-beauties.

As our mission extends we have future plans in assiting the communities we serve. 

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