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RōsToring Youth with Who I am

Everyday Jen struggles with acceptance by her work/employer, society, peers. She believes in diversity but shouldn’t be label for it..  labeling/separation/segregation has caused much issues for her in her skin, and her skin reflection. Labeling each other/defaming each other by our sound, they way we talk, the way we walk. the clothes we wear, our tattoos, and how are skin looks, and “how we should be” is hurtful, disrespectful, and discriminating to each persons individuality.

” I continue to try to RōsTor my own youth in myself.. its tough. Accepting yourself and loving yourself is the first step, and i believe i love myself enough so i dont harm myself more. I suffer with mental illness that the world isn’t going to change. I think the world is a very toxic unfair place. we will continue to hurt each other with labels, systemic racism, gentrification, and those who stand up for “their kind.”   We are all human beings.. one kind. why are we against each other, but rather more open to each others differences.” -Jen



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